Green EarthThe IICT's Environmental Policy


The IICT aims to help save the environment by lowering our carbon footprin. In April 2015 IICT became a paperless business.
We are taking the initiative by offering you a choice on how you receive information from us. 

Contact us now to make the switch to healthier environment for all of us.

What you can do

  • Switch to Recurring Billing - the smarter way to pay - no need for invoices at renewal time
  • Choose to receive all information from us via email
  • Think before you print. If you receive an email form us, keep it electronically rather than printing it. 
  • You can also Refer a friend to our website, that way there is no need to send out flyers in the mail

Make the right choices and the benefits include:

- Save time - email is instant
- Save time at renewals
- Reduce waste paper 
- Benefit the environment

Make our environment a Greener, Safer place.

Greening Australia

Find out more by visiting: Greening Australia at: